Clemson’s John E. Walker Department of Economics ranks 8th among U.S. southern universities in faculty research productivity, according to a forthcoming journal article.

The Department of Economics at Clemson moved up 10 places, from 18th, among nearly 90 schools in the South that are ranked on the basis of research contributions.  The study was written by Franklin G. Mixon, Jr., Center for Economic Education, Columbus State University, Columbus, Ga.; and Kamal P. Upadhyayab, Department of Economics, University of New Haven, West Haven, Conn. The ranking measures scholarly research output from a ‘core’ of faculty in university economics departments.

Raymond “Skip” Sauer, Economics Department Chair, said Clemson’s ranking is a result of long-term investments that are paying off.

“Whether it’s educating people or doing research, the fruits of that labor are realized years on down the road. Today, we have a strong department dedicated to high research productivity. The ranking is a reflection of something we’re doing right and continues a tradition of scholarship that’s been here for a long time,” Sauer said.

The Mixon and Upadhyayab rankings include U.S. colleges and universities located in the South that are designated by U.S. News & World Report’s America’s Best Colleges 2016 as “national” institutions.

Sauer said the ranking is especially noteworthy given that scholarly research is only a slice of what Clemson’s economics department is about.

“We are built to train the next generation of thinkers, from undergraduates to our doctoral students. We spend a lot of time helping them build their research and career potential. More often than not, such efforts don’t figure into your typical ranking. Though research is important, the breadth of our scholarship is more far-reaching.”

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