First impressions can make or break a career opportunity. That’s why appropriate attire and good grooming can be game-changers, even if your grades are near perfect and you have a resume to match.

The College of Business is collaborating with the university’s Women’s Leadership Conference in bringing a first-of-its-kind “Dress for Success” event to the Watt Center Auditorium on Feb. 13. A fashion show featuring appropriate business attire will be from 5:30 to 6:15 p.m. followed by make-up and hair tutorials in the Watt atrium.

“Like it or not, first impressions can be the difference between getting your foot in the door or on to the next interview,” said Leah Hughes, career coordinator for the business school’s Office of Student Enrichment.

Students from all majors are encouraged to attend. Business students from Tiger Ties, Delta Sigma Chi and the business school’s Student Advisory Board will be modeling business attire, which is being provided by Dillard’s of Anderson.

“Dress for Success is a lead-up to the university’s Women’s Leadership Conference on Feb. 18 and will feature fashion and grooming tips for women,” said Hannah Holdridge, an Office of Student Enrichment graduate assistant. “Presenting a professional image is something students can easily overlook in marketing themselves to potential employers.”

Hughes said employers sometimes use short-cuts as a litmus test in each phase of the hiring process.

“For instance, it sometimes is the first paragraph of your cover letter, your resume’s list of accomplishments, and the appearance you present at the job interview,” Hughes said. “So, it’s important not to dress too casual or like you would for a night out on the town.”

After the fashion show, which will feature appropriate business dress and business casual wear, students can take advantage of booths staffed with professionals who will offer tips on hairstyle choices, cosmetics and other grooming tips.

For more information on the event, contact Hannah Holdridge at or 864.656.2478.

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