Labor and finance, health care and institutional investments are research projects that will benefit from one-year grants provided by the Dean’s Excellence Fund for the 2017-18 academic year.

The fourth-annual College of Business grant program supports research that addresses significant societal problems and improves the human condition. The three business school faculty who will receive the grants are Daniel Greene, finance; Blerina Bela Zykaj, finance and M. Gabriela Sava, management.

The faculty members leading these research projects have been awarded more than $53,000 in grants.

“In addition to this research benefiting the human condition, it has the potential to bring national prominence to Clemson University,” said Bobby McCormick, business school dean. “A desired outcome for research support through these grants is for them to receive outside funding and benefit the university and their designated areas of study.”

Daniel Greene – Research by the assistant professor of finance will be two-pronged. His studies will examine anti-discrimination laws and how companies/organizations are affected by them. The research will probe into how the laws affect issues such as the number of employees hired, use of debt, profitability and innovation.

The grant will also support research on how unions affect companies — whether or not they are a drag on an organization – and if and when they benefit companies and employees.

Blerina Bela Zykaj – Also a finance assistant professor, Zykaj’s study probes options contracts of institutional investors. Given that some of the options contract information is not readily available through traditional channels, she will use the grant to finance the collection process.

Gabriela Sava – The assistant professor of management’s area of study focuses on colorectal cancer screening. Through her research, Sava hopes that by making patients aware of more treatment options, it will improve their involvement in the preventive care programs that are available to them.

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