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Located in the Trustee House (in the center of the Clemson campus, next to Fort Hill, the former home of statesman John C. Calhoun and university founder Thomas G. Clemson), Media Relations is part of the Division of University Relations and serves as the primary liaison between the university and the general public through print, broadcast and online media.

Our staff of professional communicators provides assistance to media working on stories about Clemson University people or programs in academics, research or service or looking for faculty experts.

News staff

Robin Denny, Director, 864-656-3862
after-hours contact: 864-653-6004 or 864-207-1152

John Gouch, Assistant Director/Online News Manager, 864-656-3859
after-hours contact: 864-656-3859

Clinton Colmenares, Research Communication, 864-656-2063
after-hours contact: 919-548-6493

Bryce Donovan,  Communication Strategist, 843-730-5063
after-hours contact: 843-327-8493

Beth Holland, Data Coordinator, 864-656-3129
after-hours contact: 864-650-5148

Wanda Ann Johnson, Communication Strategist, 864-656-3038
after-hours contact: 864-382-0449

Tara Romanella, Communications Strategist, 310-869-5530
after-hours contact: 310-869-5530

Ken Scar, Communication Strategist, 864-656-1220
after-hours contact: 619-517-8547

Jackie Todd, Internal Communications, 864-656-0937
after-hours contact: 864-656-0937

Mark Land, Vice President of University Relations
contact: 864-656-4233

Mailing address: Trustee House
Box 345606
Clemson, SC 29634-5606
Telephone: 864-656-2061
FAX: 864-656-2064