As the business world evolves, Clemson University’s College of Business is adapting its curriculum to keep students current and help them get a leg up in the job market.

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New courses are being offered in the College of Business this fall.
Image Credit: Clemson University Relations

Curriculum additions for the 2018-19 academic year will address new thinking on the value of business, trending currencies and technology management in undergraduate programs, and data visualizations in the MBA programs.

The business school’s new Hayek Center for the Business of Prosperity will offer its first class, ECON 4980-Why Business?, in the fall semester. The class will take a non-traditional look at business, according to Reed Watson, a professor of practice in economics and one of the course’s instructors.

“Traditionally, business students are taught ‘how’ to be successful professionals. ECON 4980 will explore the ‘why’ of business and the impact it has on society,” said Watson.

Brad Hobbs, clinical professor of economics in the John E. Walker Department of Economics, will join Watson in teaching the course’s three sections. All majors can take the course and overrides are available to students without the listed prerequisites.

Launched in the spring, The Hayek Center for the Business of Prosperity will examine, through teaching and research, the fundamental purpose of business. It will help students understand the “why” of business, as well as the “how.”

Also new in economics is ECON 4908-Block Chain and Cyber Currencies. Taught by Gerald Dwyer, professor of economics, the course will provide an understanding of the economics of crypto currencies and block chains. Other emphases include the history of private monies leading to crypto currencies, exchanges and the economics of initial coin offerings, and the development of block chains, especially in financial markets.

The Department of Management’s new course is MGT 2970-Technology Management Consulting. Ryan Toole, lecturer, will teach the course that explores how technology management consulting enables businesses to transform and help drive shareholder value. Students will gain an understanding of tech trends shaping the marketplace and gain insights on what it means to deliver technology-focused management consulting engagements.

The MBA program is debuting a new course and delivering several existing courses through online channels.

The new course, MBA 8990-Data Analytics and Visualization, is designed for MBA corporate students and will be taught by John Tripp. The course will cover basics of human visual perception, including how the brain processes visual stimuli and how consumers interpret visualizations in ways the designer hadn’t intended. A second component of the course is building proficiency in Tableau, an interactive data visualization software tool.

Existing courses, now being offered online by the MBA program, include: Law-MBA 8370, Decision Modeling-MBA 8590, Business Communications-MBA 8500, Career Management-MBA 8800, Ethics and Leadership-MBA 8810, Managerial Finance-MBA 8070, Management Information Systems-MBA 8610, Managerial Economics-MBA 8620, Statistical Analysis of Business Operations-MBA 8030 and Creativity-MBA 8990.

In the fall of 2019, MBA Online will be launched by the graduate business program. Students will be able to receive an MBA their way – entirely online, in a real-time, interactive setting, and through specially designed coursework they can access as their schedules permit.

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