Clemson – The New Jersey Packaging Executive Club (NJPEC) offers several scholarships every year to college students who excel in the field of packaging science and engineering. Jackson Schrickel, Clemson University packaging science major, was one of a select group who was awarded a $4,000 scholarship from this prestigious institution last May.

Jackson Schrickel, Clemson University packaging science major.

Jackson Schrickel, Clemson University packaging science major.

“I am honored to have been chosen from my application, it made me feel like my hard work through school and internships has already started to pay off,” said Schrickel, who is from Columbia, Md. “Receiving the scholarship meant that I would be able to pay for school without having to take out any additional loans for the semester, which is such a great feeling.”

Students who have completed two semesters of course work before applying by sending in their transcript along with their application before being selected based on their academic achievement extracurricular activities and financial needs. In addition to the $4000 financial portion of the NJPEC Scholarship, students receive a free two year NJPEC membership.

Schrickel, who has worked as packaging intern at American Sugar Refining, Inc. and The Home Depot, plans on pursuing a career in the food industry.

“I think that sustainability has become such a big issue for all companies, so I would love to be able to work with food companies that are beginning to break into more environmentally friendly packaging methods or manufacturing processes,” said Schrickel.

Dr. Jeffery Rhodehamel, Clemson’s Food, Nutrition and Packaging Science Department Chair, believes that students like Schrickel help shed light on the program’s successes.

“I’m so proud of Jackson. She shows how strong our program is because these are outside scholarship opportunities,” Rhodehamel said. “It really is a testament to our excellent program that is made up of excellent students.”

While her hard work and dedication earned Schrickel these opportunities and awards, she owes part of her successes to family and Clemson faculty who have helped her along her journey.

“I want to thank my mom and dad, for giving me the chance to attend Clemson in the first place, as well as Dr. Duncan Darby and Katie Black for sharing the information about the scholarship with me last semester,” Schrickel said.