Andrew WesolekClemson Libraries’ Head of Digital Scholarship, Andrew Wesolek has been awarded an Open Educational Resource (OER) Research fellowship through the Open Education Group. This interdisciplinary research group conducts original research on the impact of OER adoption, and designs and shares methodological frameworks for further study. Wesolek joins a cohort of 21 researchers representing institutions across north America.

The Fellowship, which is sponsored be the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation includes funding to attend two conferences, beginning with the Open Education Conference in Richmond VA this November.

The cost of textbooks, which has risen 800% over the past 30 years has become an increasing focus as concerns about the cost of higher education increase. Many students report that they have refrained from purchasing a required textbook at some point in their academic careers, in many cases, earning a lower grade as a result. Wesolek and undergraduate instruction and OER librarian, Kirsten Dean are hosting a series of events to raise awareness of this situation and to explore potential solutions. A full schedule of these events available below.

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Monday, Oct. 24 @ 12:00pm in 309 Cooper – Faculty Event
The Future is Wide Open. Katie Bradford, Director, Platform & Partnerships Marketing, Instructure. Co-hosted with Clemson Online

As Director of Platform & Partnerships Marketing at Instructure, Katie’s role is to guide innovation and open education initiatives. She works across multiple teams to implement new processes, ideological shifts, marketing initiatives, and product changes aimed at promoting openness. In this session, Katie will work with participants to explore Canvas Commons and outline strategies for implementing open content in the classroom. Bring your lunch and learn how to leverage the Commons in your classes!

Tuesday, Oct. 25 @ 6:00pm in Cooper Library’s Adobe Digital Studio – Student Event
Advancing OER at Clemson. Brady Yano, Assistant Director of Open Education at SPARC. Co-Hosted with Clemson Undergraduate Student Government

As the costs associated with higher education continue to rise, one viable option to ensuring a more affordable education for students comes in the form of Open Educational Resources. This presentation will provide a high-level overview of what is going on in the textbook marketplace and how OER are being leveraged as a solution. The discussion will also introduce best practices for how students and their libraries can play a key role in promoting OER on campus. Brady is the current Assistant Director of Open Education at SPARC and is a former Canadian student leader.

Thursday, Oct. 27 @ 3:00pm in 309 Cooper – Faculty & Researcher Event
Open Access Publishing: Opportunities and Challenges. Andrew Wesolek, Head of Digital Scholarship, Clemson University

The publishing landscape is rapidly changing. New and more open ways to share the results of your research may increase the speed and frequency in which it is cited, but this new environment brings with it challenges as well. Join Andrew Wesolek, Head of Digital Scholarship at the Libraries, to explore some of the nuances of this new publishing environment, including author’s rights, copyright transfer agreements, evaluating open access journals, and library services in support of OA publishing.

Friday, Oct. 28 @ 3:00pm in 309 Cooper – Faculty & Student Event
The Case for Open Education. Kirsten Dean, Undergraduate Instruction and OER Librarian, Clemson University

Higher education costs are skyrocketing, presenting challenges not only for students but for all those invested in educational access and equity. Teaching faculty are uniquely positioned to address one piece of this problem: the inflated cost of textbooks and other educational materials. During this presentation, we will discuss the impact of textbook costs and the possibilities of open educational resources (OER). We will consider the promises and perils of OER as pedagogical tools, the practicalities of finding and using them, and the opportunities for funding and support currently available at Clemson.