Mollye MacNaughton

Mollye MacNaughton

Clemson, SC— Mollye MacNaughton,  Clemson University food technology Ph.D. student from Dallas, Texas, earned first place in the Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists (IFTPS) Charles R. Stumbo Student Paper Competition.

MacNaughton competed against undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world.

MacNaughton was awarded $2,500 and invited to present her research in front of 300 people at the annual meeting in San Antonio, TX.

“I was the only student invited to speak and represented one of only four schools in attendance. I am honored to have received such a prestigious award in the field of thermal processing,” MacNaughton said.

MacNaughton’s research focused on using packaging technology to decrease processing time and increase product quality. MacNaughton says she developed her love of thermal processing as a graduate student and wants to share her knowledge with others upon graduation.

Students submitted manuscripts on research in methodologies, techniques, system technologies, and other topics relevant to thermal or non-thermal food processes. The manuscripts were then evaluated by a jury of IFTPS members for their content and relevance to thermal and non-thermal processes.

The Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists (IFTPS) was founded in 1981 as an international organization to advance and promote education and professionalism in the thermal processing field. It currently has more than 350 members from 27 different countries. The organization hosts workshops, conferences and seminars to foster ideas and encourage research throughout the world.