Tomorrow’s business leaders can zero in on their specialized career interests through Clemson University’s suite of Master of Business Administration programs.

Students Clemson's Corporate MBA Program have many elective choices.

Students in Clemson’s Corporate MBA Program have many elective choices.

A newly enhanced corporate (MBAc) program joins those in entrepreneurship & innovation (MBAe) and business analytics (MBAba), all designed to advance learning for 21st century business professionals.

“Clemson’s Corporate MBA Program is a first-class ticket to the C-Suite for students pursuing management or executive-level positions,” said Greg Pickett, director of MBA programs and senior associate dean of Clemson’s College of Business. “The enhanced corporate track is more than a master’s degree. It not only delivers world-class faculty and connections to multi-national corporate partners, it also offers opportunities for students to enhance their degrees, and their employability, through a variety of certificate programs, technology training, career services workshops and networking events.”

The MBAc enables students to pinpoint their specialty with the flexibility of tapping into the graduate program’s many electives, be it supply chain and information management, marketing analysis, services science, entrepreneurship and innovation management, or international business.

The MBAe and MBAc offer full- or part-time options. MBAba is offered part-time.

The certificate programs, some which can be taken online, and a soon-to-be offered Six Sigma class, further contribute to the quality and growth of Clemson’s advanced business degrees.

“Clemson’s MBA program has doubled in size in the last six years and we attribute that to the holistic approach we take in preparing students to lead and succeed in the business world,” Pickett said. “Innovativeness is a hallmark of our MBA programs and the enhancement of the corporate track is one example.”

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