Clemson’s business school completed its inaugural year as a standalone college by christening the careers of more than 600 graduates this spring, and with ambitious plans to expand its campus footprint and impact on the university.

Business school graduates show their rewards at commencement.

Business school graduates display their rewards at commencement.

“The most recent graduating class is a testament to the business school’s ability to prepare students for 21st century business and the role we can play in raising the university’s stature at a national level,” said Bobby McCormick, dean of the College of Business. “And, university leadership validated the importance of business education in Clemson’s future with its support in building the college’s new home in the heart of campus.”

Construction on the 170,000 square foot, $87 million new business school building across from Bowman Field is expected to begin later this year and be ready for occupancy in 2020. McCormick said the state-of-the-art, five-story towers will further draw attention to the high level of business scholarship available at Clemson and build on the program’s already esteemed reputation.

Clemson’s College of Business is ranked No. 1 in South Carolina and No. 24 among the nation’s top undergraduate business degree programs, according to College Choice’s 2017 rankings.

“The business school’s new home will be one of the most defining structures built on campus in the last 100 years. Its central location and world-class amenities will complement the outstanding and most caring faculty you’ll find at any business institution of higher learning in the country,” McCormick added. “We are building a home that our current business students will be proud of and one that future students will want to experience.”

The College of Business awarded degrees to 604 undergraduates at spring commencement, and 63 masters and doctoral degrees. The undergraduate degrees, by department, included Economics, 64; Finance, 118; Graphic Communications, 60; Management, 137; Marketing 141 and Accountancy 84.

“This was a strong crop of future leaders in business and education that benefited from the Clemson business experience. We have all the pieces in place to not only elevate the quality of education for students like these, but increase their numbers considerably.”

McCormick said the university has ambitious plans to grow enrollment in the next 10 years, and he sees the College of Business in as strong of a position as any educational discipline on campus to help meet those goals.

“The bricks, mortar and glass of our new facility will be impressive and exceed the expectations of most,” McCormick said. “But there’s far more to business education at Clemson and every day we work to improve that experience. From faculty, resources and new, 21st century learning programs, Clemson is the business school of choice for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and leaders of industry.”

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