Five College of Business faculty members received more than $100,000 in one-year grants for research in the 2016-17 academic year that addresses significant societal problems and improve the human condition.

The third annual Dean’s Excellence Fund awarded grants to research projects that are led by business school faculty, but collaboration across departments and colleges is encouraged.

“The Dean’s Excellence Fund is aimed at supporting research that has the potential to bring national prominence to Clemson University,” said Bobby McCormick, College of Business dean. “The ideal outcome would be for this research to result in external funding, significant awards, or multi-year projects that ultimately would benefit the university and those areas of study affected by the research.”

Faculty receiving grants and their research areas, include:

– Daniel Greene, assistant professor, finance. Daniel’s research examines how CEOs are involved in the selection of board members and how that influences a range of outcomes including compensation, CEO turnover, company financial policies, etc.

– Sergey Mityakov, associate professor, economics. Sergey’s research examines the role of banks in offshore operations, money laundering and tax evasion activities, and more generally, in other types of firm-level fraud.

– Lily Shen, assistant professor, finance. Lily has done extensive research on shale gas extraction and the impact fracking has on housing prices. The research looks at the environmental impact and the economic benefits the process brings in the form of jobs, wages and external investments.

– Heshan Sun, associate professor, management. A management information systems expert, Heshan’s research probes human-computer interaction, business analytics, and trust in e-commerce. In this research, he studies how a multi-party privacy control system for collaborative data sharing on social networks will combat the negative consequences of habitual trust.

–   Blerina Bela Zykai, assistant professor, finance. Blerina’s research centers on investments, institutional investors and marketing efficiency. This research examines institutional investor trades in mutual funds and their skills in selecting mutual funds.

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