CLEMSON – Students in the Clemson College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences will be better prepared for the diverse world they will enter after they graduate from college with the help of Beatrice Brown.

Beatrice Brown

Beatrice Brown
Image Credit: Clemson University

Brown, a Clemson biology graduate, has been hired as the new student services program coordinator for CAFLS. In this position, Brown said she will help promote diversity and inclusion.

“I will be working with others to revamp the University’s MANRRS program,” Brown said. “MANRRS is an organization that helps bring students to things like professional development, job opportunities and help them as they go throughout college and get ready for the industry.”

MANRRS stands for Minorities in Agricultural, Natural Resources and Related Sciences. It is an organization that promotes academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources and related sciences. Membership is available to all minority CAFLS majors. In addition to revitalizing MANRRS, Brown said she will partner with many of the minority prospective student events that happen around campus.

“We’re working on new student engagement pieces to increase diversity of the students in the college,” Brown said. “We want to encourage students to share their experiences and knowledge with each other so that they can grow more.”

Paula Beecher, director of Bookhart Student Services Center, said she is excited to have Brown working in this new position. The position was started when CAFLS underwent reorganization and the advising needs of the Bookhart Student Services Center changed.

“We had to rethink our student priorities and shift positions accordingly,” Beecher said. “Our associate dean at the time, Ted Whitwell, and I had many conversations over the need for more pointed diversity efforts in CAFLS and to increase our student engagement within these populations. So, the timing was perfect and we were able to hire Beatrice.”

Beecher said the main focus of her office for all CAFLS students is that they not only leave Clemson with the technical knowledge they need to start their careers but also with fundamentals that will help them be successful leaders and that they feel well equipped entering the workforce. The hope is that, with this new position, the Bookhart Student Services Center, will be able to deliver more focused and strategic programming for all CAFLS students but with an extra emphasis on our underrepresented populations.

Our goal is to have an engaged student body all across CAFLS and to help students appreciate that great learning happens when people from all backgrounds come together,” Beecher said. “We are excited to have the opportunity to build a more diverse student body within CAFLS.  This will definitely not happen overnight, but I believe we are moving in a positive direction.”

Jean Bertrand, CAFLS associate dean for undergraduate studies, said Brown is the ideal person to lead student engagement in the College.

“Beatrice has a variety of responsibilities related to student engagement,” Bertrand said. “For example, she did a fantastic job of organizing our college summer orientation activities. I am certain she will be excellent in her role as student services program coordinator.”

Among Brown’s responsibilities is the recruitment of students from underrepresented populations. Bertrand said this task is of crucial importance to the College and that she is confident Brown can achieve this.

Brown’s office is located in the CAFLS Bookhart Student Services Center in the Poole Ag Building on Clemson’s main campus.