Research by School of Accountancy professors Sally Widener and Frances Kennedy has been recognized for its impact and contributions toward promoting operational excellence.

Accountancy, Widener, Shingo Award

Sally Widener

Their work, “Lean Manufacturing and Firm Performance: The Incremental Contribution of Lean Management Accounting Practices” published in the Journal of Operations Management, has been cited by the Shingo Institute for its role in advancing operational improvement and progress and awarded the Shingo Research Award.

The Clemson University research delves into continuous improvement and the importance of a holistic lean business strategy to achieving operational excellence. A goal of the research, according to Widener and Kennedy, is to help researchers and practitioners better understand how lean management accounting practices can help with internal decision making and assist business leaders with increasing operations performance through a holistic lean enterprise strategy.

Widener and Kennedy were joined in the research by Rosemary Fullerton, associate professor emeritus at Utah State University.

Accountancy, Kennedy, Shingo Award

Frances Kennedy

Shingo Institute examiners assess research submissions on content and impact. The research must contribute new operational excellence knowledge, or significantly contribute to existing knowledge. The research’s impact is also considered, including the number and quality of citations and reviews in relevant journals.

Rick Edgeman, Shingo Institute research director, said this about the award winners:

“There are many flavors of enterprise performance, with financial performance representing the ‘holy grail.’ These authors have found the grail, and those leaders committed to deeply embedding lean thinking and action in enterprise culture properly, can feel confident it will lead to the grail.”

The Shingo Institute is housed at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University and is named after Japanese industrial engineer Shigeo Shingo. Shingo distinguished himself as one of the world’s thought leaders in concepts, management systems and improvement techniques. The Shingo Institute awards individuals and organizations that demonstrate an exceptional culture and continually strives for improvement and progress.

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