Clemson’s Family Weekend is a chance for your family to catch a glimpse of your everyday life away from home. Although sometimes it’s hard to picture how relatives might fit into your independent lifestyle, there are plenty of places to visit and activities to do in Clemson to keep busy and ensure a smooth weekend. Who knows, maybe you’ll even realize that your family fits in with your college lifestyle better than you could have imagined.

Clemson student and her parents at a recent football game, decked out in their Orange attire

Author Kayla Murphy and her parents at a recent Clemson football game.
Image Credit: Courtesy photo

1) Attend scheduled family weekend events.

It seems simple enough to go to scheduled events, but really, go! After check-in on Friday, families can attend tours, information sessions and receptions during the day and witness a gorgeous Clemson sunset over Hartwell Lake that night at the first annual Family Fest at the Campus Beach and Recreation Area. Saturday includes a plethora of events surrounding the football game. The festivities begin to wind down on Sunday, when your family can meet for brunch, take a picture with Howard’s Rock or tour Fort Hill, the Calhoun Mansion, before everyone says their goodbyes.

2) Tour campus.

Give your family a personal spin on the classic guided campus tour. Show them your uphill-both-ways trek to class, the nook in the library where you spend all your time and where your favorite pictures took place. Your family will appreciate the explanation as to why you’re always winded walking between classes or have no cell phone service studying in the depths of the library.

3) Exercise at Fike Recreation Center.

Fike is a great place to spend hours with your family, especially if your family is really into an active and healthy lifestyle. Take them rock climbing or swimming, play racquetball or basketball, or spend some time running or lifting weights. Just be aware that there is a small guest fee, and your younger siblings will need parental guidance if under the age of 15.

4) Tailgate and spend the afternoon in Death Valley.

The entire University transforms into a barbeque-cooking, corn hole-tossing, shag-dancing sea of orange on game day. And of course, it’s nearly impossible to spend a weekend in Clemson during football season and not go to the game itself! Clemson has been repeatedly ranked a top tailgating and college football school; so let your family experience it! (And make sure they wear orange.) Cheering on Clemson with thousands of orange-clad fans is truly an unforgettable experience. Aside from the overwhelming school pride, your family will be amazed by the hospitality and enthusiasm of everyone in the Clemson Family.

5) Listen to Tiger Band at the amphitheater.

Before heading into Death Valley on Saturday, stop by the amphitheater 90 minutes before kick-off to listen to Tiger Band perform and to teach your family all of the chants they’ll need to know to cheer the Tigers to victory.

6) Explore downtown Clemson.

On any weekend, but especially football weekends, downtown Clemson is bustling with spirited students and visitors. Local restaurants and shops are packed with people celebrating a Tiger victory or simply their connection with the Clemson Family. Join the crowd, grab some food at a your favorite restaurant and help your family choose from the wide range of souvenirs to help them represent Clemson from miles away.

7) Show off your living space.

You’ve allotted hours and paychecks to personalizing your dorm or apartment, and you now spend hours of your everyday life in that room. Allow your parents to admire your decorating prowess and see a comprehensive snapshot into your life — even if their snapshot is a little neater than usual.

8) Take advantage of every photo opportunity.

A unique photo opportunity is available for families at Howard’s Rock with the Tiger Mascot on Sunday. Aside from arranged photo opportunities, there is no better time to document memories of your entire family decked out in their best orange and purple attire, supporting your decision to be a Tiger and enjoying Tigertown as much as you do!